Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Charity Network?

The Charity Network consists of three of the leaders in consumer-facing online platforms raising money for cause amplified by a network of syndication partners in television and online. The Charity Network disrupts traditional fundraising, helps charities transition from analog to digital, and more efficiently reaches donors from Millenials to baby boomers.

How can my company/cause participate?

We would love to work together. Please contact us here.

What is Charitybuzz?

The leader in online charity auctions. Charitybuzz targets baby boomers. With more than 200,000 high net worth donors from over 110 countries, Charitybuzz helps thousands of charities. Click here for more information.

What is Prizeo?

A leader in sweepstakes and experiences. Prizeo targets Millenials by enabling those at any income level the ability to participate and give. Reward levels starting as low as $10 encourages greater giving. Click here for more information

What is Chideo?

Entertainment meets cause. Chideo teams up with celebrity ambassadors, charity partners and brands to create compelling content. Chideo is redefining “charity content” with original content by, for and about cause…such as: animation, behind the scenes, documentaries, series, shorts and specials. Click here for more information.

How can I arrange a press interview with the Charity Network?

Please contact

What percentage actually goes to the charity/cause?

Causes receive 80% of all monies generated by the CharityBuzz, Prizeo and Chideo platforms after deduction of third party processing fees. Third party costs are generally between 5% and 10% of each transaction. CharityBuzz, Prizeo and Chideo receive 20% to keep the platforms running. We think this 80/20 split net of transaction fees is pretty fantastic compared to many traditional fundraising efforts that result in 40 or 50% of the monies raised actually being delivered to the cause.

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